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Does It All

Tom  Michalic is the Founder & Managing Partner at Makeover Homes.  His key role is to ensure the execution
of each brands core functions and how they complement each other in the efforts to serve many clients which
include Lenders, Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtors, Sub-Contractors, Project Managers, Inspectors and Clients
who are buying and/or selling a home with some sort of renovation component.

Tom Michalic

We're here to serve!

The Team

We connect people using the Makeover Mortgage Process

Marketing and Systems

Clayton Miller is a Managing Partner at Makeover Homes.  His key role is to ensure you, the public, know what's going on!  We have a number of services that aim to serve, you, the client, and it's his job to make sure you know about them.  Clayton runs the marketing and advertising at Makeover Homes and sometimes can be seen on sight getting his hands dirty on a project.

Clayton Miller

Realtor Specialist

George Hemphill has been serving the Indianapolis area since 2007.  George specializes in the short sale/foreclosure situations and aims to help people get out of burdensome situations.  This means he is also an investor friendly realtor who knows where you want to put your money for the long run!  George lives, works, and goes to church in Indianapolis so its safe to say, he knows what he is talking about!

George Hemphill

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