What We Do For Inspectors & Consultants & How We Do It

Consulting Jobs Provided To You From Over 50 Lenders

Stand out from other inspectors in your market while adding additional services and revenue streams. Add Renovation Consulting to your services offered.

Home Inspection Referrals

Many of our clients will also hire you for a Home Inspection.

Payment For Mileage

Consult projects pay mileage if they are more than a 30 mile round trip.

Draw Inspections

Most Consulting projects have 5 additional draws built into the project. Get paid for each draw plus mileage. You verify what items are complete and should be funded.

Industry Leading Technology

Work with proprietary technology that connects all parties together on one seamless platform. The MAKEOVER App was built for Inspectors by Inspectors. Access all of your data from one seamless platform.

The Apps Automated Processes & Systems allow Consultants to scale the services offered unlike anyone else in the industry.

We give all parties MORE OPTIONS and connect them all together on one seamless platform .

Report Writing

We produce all or our Consultants reports. This speeds up their processes and cuts down on their workload. They simply review and approve the reports.

Faster Reports allow the lenders to order the appraisal faster and hit the scheduled closing date.

More Benefits Of Joining The MAKEOVER Consultant Network

Electronic Signatures

We use electronic signatures to make your reports FAST & EASY to sign and deliver to all parties.

Automated Communications

We have built in AUTOMATION features in the MAKEOVER App.

This keeps everyone in the loop without you having to send our emails, text and making phone calls.

Administrative Services

We provide our Consultants with FREE administrative staff. This way our Consultants can focus on the most important things instead of administrative tasks. MAKEOVER handles fee collection, direct deposit to you, client contract agreement signatures and report writing.

What does a Renovation Consultant do?

How We Make It Easy For Lender

Don't Waste Time Assembling Your Renovation Loan Dream Team

MAKEOVER Is Unlike Any Other Renovation Loan Network

Work with the best and most experienced, Lenders, Renovation / FHA 203K HUD Consultants, Contractors & Realtors in the industry.

The renovation loan niche requires a team of trained professionals, in order to make the process smooth. If everyone is on the same page and performing their duties, the process can be very easy. However with the wrong team it can be very challenging and frustrating.

Leverage our Network and let us help you build your TEAM

Team Up With The Best Local Lenders

MAKEOVER Preferred Lenders are all experienced with the process, plus the ALL can issue a DUAL PRE-APPROVAL to your clients. This way you can house hunt with confidence and know that if they find a home that does not need renovations or one that does, they are APPROVED and ready to sign a purchase agreement. If the client wants to Roll Renovations into the mortgage the rest of your Dream Team will be ready to jump into action.

Team Up With The Best Local Realtors

MAKEOVER Preferred Realtors are all experienced with the process, plus they are ready for an introduction their clients to you to obtain a Renovation Estimate. These Realtors embrace the MAKEOVER mortgage process and value having a good Contractor on their team.

Team Up With The Best Local Contractors

MAKEOVER Preferred Contractors are all experienced with the process, plus they are ready for an introduction to your clients. The Consultant / Inspector will go first to gather all the estimate data for the contractor so they can be FAST & ACCURATE to create a detailed renovation bid.

The only app to connect all parties in the renovation loan

Powered By The MAKEOVER App

Don't settle for service providers that can only offer limited services. Our App connects ALL parties together and our Consultants can perform an industry leading selection of services. (FHA 203K Consulting, Conventional Consulting, New Construction Consulting and all forms of Draw Inspections)

The Best Trained & Credentialed Consultants In The Industry

Industry Leading Technology

All of our MAKEOVER Consultants are also licensed Home Inspectors with a minimum of 3 years experience, they all have construction knowledge, operate on the MAKEOVER App. They gather data just like an estimator. They all have an FHA 203K Consultant number and have completed Makeover University Consultant training.

Helping Reno & Construction Loan Lenders Manage Their Risk

Less Risk = More Reward

Currently, MAKEOVER continues to expand our partnerships with lenders in the residential renovation & construction markets through our risk management services.

With the nations largest and best trained HUD Consulting network our inspectors can handle anything you assign to them. Whether you need a Feasibility Report, FHA 203K Consult, Conventional Consult, VA Consult or Draw Inspections we can get it done.

Lenders Manage & Lower Their Renovation Loan Risks With MAKEOVER

Accurate data collected and provided by trained professionals that understand construction is key to lowering lenders risk. Credentials & Experience matter when lending and disbursing draws. Don't settle for a rubber stamped inspection or sending someone unfamiliar with the project.