See how others have used the MAKEOVER mortgage process

Easiest way to shop for a new home! Using the Dual Pre-Approval & MAKEOVER mortgage process

How to use the MAKEOVER process to create the home you want. Don't get frustrated because you can't find exactly what you want

The Family Farm got a MAKEOVER

Let us help you FUND the renovations you want and ROLL them into the mortgage

I like BIG BEAMS and I can not lie! This is a wall remover’s dream! Open Concept MAKEOVER

Don't get boxed in, when you can remove walls


Do you have the GUTS to take on a down to the studs remodel

Reno Refi & New Addition MAKEOVER

Don't LIST IT, give it MAKEOVER and STAY

Do you NEED MORE SQ FT? Huge Addition to Home - Kitchen, Living Room, and Master Suite MAKEOVER

Have you OUTGROWN your existing home but don't want to move

Don't SELL, give your home a MAKEOVER instead. Adding a Family Room & additional bathroom

Room Additions are super popular for MAKEOVER clients

POP THE TOP - From 2 Bedroom ranch to 6 Bedroom two story MAKEOVER

Get creative and change the size, look and function of your home

Amish House MAKEOVER - No plumbing, No electrical, NO PROBLEM

When you find the perfect piece of land, but the home is just not going to work, give it a MAKEOVER

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW. Roll the cost of a new kitchen into your mortgage using MAKEOVER

Kitchens & Bathrooms are some of the most popular areas our clients give a MAKEOVER

REALTOR gives her new personal home a MAKEOVER - Who needs a garage?

Realtors love this process so much they use it for both their clients and their own personal home

Red Carpet is for the Hollywood runway, not this Vets new home - VA Renovation Loan MAKEOVER

The Red Carpet HAD TO GO! Thank you veterans for your service. Did you know you can use your VA loan for a $0 down payment MAKEOVER

Whole Home Fixer Upper MAKEOVER

Don't Settle For Old & Outdated, When You Can Have Fully Renovated

MAN CAVE or SHE SHED MAKEOVER - Refinance and Add a Pole Barn while you are at it!

Do you need a place for storage, toys, hobbies or a detached home office

COSMETIC MAKEOVER - Amazing what a paintbrush can do!

Mini MAKEOVERS are perfect when the home just needs cosmetic improvements

NEW Pole Barn type Garage Building MAKEOVER - 203K Mortgage

Most home buyers and home owners do NOT know about this process that allows renovation cost to be rolled into the mortgage


MAKEOVER mortgages are based on the AFTER RENOVATED VALUE so even if you have NO equity, most clients can still give their home a MAKEOVER

Updated this old exterior using MAKEOVER - The Before & After is dramatic

Even if you don't have a HUGE BUDGET, you can still give your home a MAKEOVER

GO OUT & UP MAKEOVER - Adding a Two Story 1,200 sq. ft. Addition

Live in your home as a new addition gets added

2 Room Additions - One MAKEOVER Mortgage

You decide the design, we help you make it a reality

1/2 of a Duplex MAKEOVER

Let your tenant pay your mortgage

From RENTAL home to FOREVER home

MAKEOVER gives you MORE OPTIONS when house hunting


Curb Appeal is easy to obtain when you work with us

A Trained Contractor Goes a Long Way - We can introduce you to a Preferred MAKEOVER Contractor

Let us help INTRODUCE you to a Preferred Contractor

Another Perfect Exterior MAKEOVER

Is your exterior UGLY or OUTDATED?

New Septic System for their New Kitchen

With the MAKEOVER process you can get BOTH PRETTY & PRACTICAL improvements rolled into the mortgage

Halfway done home is purchase at a discount by MAKEOVER client

If you find a bargain home that the seller needs to get rid of can be a great opportunity for MAKEOVER clients. Ending up with a nice chunk of equity is always a plus

Renter BECOMES A HOME OWNER using the MAKEOVER process

Fire your landlord by buying your rental and give it a MAKEOVER. Many landlords would sell their property. This is a great option for tenants that want to OWN

Blue is Beautiful - ROLL RENOVATIONS into your mortgage

Don't let your ugly exterior give you the Blues

NOT fancy, but needed foundation MAKEOVER

Don't let a structural issue make you pass up your perfect house