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Makeover Renovations Terms and Conditions


Makeover Renovations provides contractor referral services that consist of qualifying, educating, and introducing service providers to you the client.  

The following terms and conditions apply to all introductions made between service provider(s) and client.(s)  

Makeover Renovations will attempt to introduce clients to service providers that are financially able, licensed, certified when needed, and professional for renovation projects.  Makeover Renovations reserves the right to deny service to any client for any reason. 

The service providers introduced through Makeover Renovations are independent contractors and are not employed by Makeover Renovations. Makeover Renovations is not an agent of the service provider and is not responsible for any services or actions of the service providers.  If introduced to a service provider by Makeover Renovations, your project contract will be between you, the client, and the service provider.  Makeover Renovations will try to assist in any matter but does not guarantee or promise the ability to resolve all issues.  

When you enter your information into the Makeover Renovations system you are giving Makeover Renovations permission to keep and share that information with whomever Makeover Renovations deems fit.  You are giving Makeover Renovations or one of its suggested service providers permission to contact you vie mail, phone, or email to solicit good or services.  Makeover Renovations is not responsible for the methods used by service providers to make contact. 

Contracts between service providers and you, the client, are between you and the service provider.  Makeover Renovations is in no way responsible for damages, repairs done or needed, financial burden, or any other encumbrance created between you, the client, and the service provider. 

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