Clean Slate Collection

Just like a custom home, our clean slate collection allows you to pick out all of your finishes!  You pick the floor, wall color, cabinet color, countertops, and more!  

Makeover Mortgage

The Makeover Mortgage allows you to roll your potential renovation costs into the home of your choice.  Now you get to pick the WHERE and the WHAT!

Search for a home the Makeover Way

Every Home Deserves a Makeover

Quit searching and listing your home the old fashioned way and join the revolution!  With Makeover Realty you can buy a home the "usual" way that is close to what you want or buy a home the "new" way that is EXACTLY what you want!

The Makeover Realty team of realtors can help list your home so that you don't have to do ANY repairs before selling.  Take the headache out of selling your home!

Looking for or Selling a Home?

Let us know what you need!  We are here to serve!

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