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Why shop with a Makeover Realtor?

Makeover Realtors are a COG Makeover Mortgage Process.  This means they have all of the tools, knowledge, and team mates necessary to help you find the perfect home.

Makeover Realtors know how to shop.  Not all homes are right for the Makeover Mortgage Process.  Shopping for the right home is a big piece to this PUZZLE

Not all homes are cut and dry.  Makeover Realtors have the VISION that lets you see not what a home is but what it can be. 

Stop searching for the home you want and start searching for WHERE you want it. With a Makeover Realtor you can create your dream home anywhere you want. 

Helpful Tools to get you Started!


Install New Floor

Take a picture of a room and see what new flooring would do!


Paint Your Walls

Take a picture of a room and see what painted walls would do!


Create a Floor Plan

Create a floor plan of the home to help you design what your home will look like!

Become a Makeover Certified Realtor

Are you looking for a leg up on all of the other realtors out there? This is where you get it.  Learn to shop the Makeover Way and give your clients more options than any other realtor.  Set yourself above the rest!

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