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Especially if you have renovation or construction knowledge

The Renovation Consultant Opportunity and How It Works

If you are interesed, use the button below to schedule a call. 

Adding Renovation Consulting to your inspection business has

The Benefits

We help you add value to you existing business and give your clients and referral partners more options

See THE BENEFITS of Becoming A Renovation Consultant
Earn more by offering Renovation Consulting

How To Get Paid

See how adding Renovation Consulting increases revenue to your bottom line.  Receive multiple fees per project + get paid for mileage.

The Pay When You Become A Renovation Consultant
See how the Makeover process ties it all together

Learn More About Makeover Consulting

See how we have created a Trademarked process that makes the Renovation Loan process FAST, EASY & PREDICTABLE. You perform the field work and we handle the rest.  Our process allows you to quickly perform your tasks and move on to the next inspection. We handle the report writing and administrative work.

Learn More
Work with seasoned pros and industry leading technology

Training and Technology

We have built a trademarked process backed by a proprietary app that not only ties everything together but has world-class automation.

Add the Renovation Consulting Badge and stand out


Adding Renovation Consulting to the services you offer, gives you a competitive advantage and a captive audience that will hire you

I'm Intersted in Becoming a Renovation Consultant
See how the pay structure works


Adding Renovation Consulting to the services you offer, gives you another revenue stream

Learn More About The Pay

The Benefits of Becoming A Renovation Consultant

InterNachi Exclusive

Earn your Certified Makeover Specialist Badge


InterNACHI Contractor Experience

Insurance / Restoration Experience

Xactimate / Estimating Experience

Ability to cover a large geographic area


Understand FHA minimum property standards 

I'm an InterNachi Member
No Cost & No Additional Equipment Needed

You already have all the equipment you need as long as you have a tablet


No new software to buy or learn.  No cost to you to be Makeover Certified


We help you obtain your HUD # for free


We surround you with lenders, Realtors and contractors to make your job easier 

This Sounds Good
Other Benefits

Less Hassle & Liability than Home Inspections 


We provide FULL Administrative services to make your workload less & eliminate your need to create reports

Very little competition, plus our systems give you a huge competitive advantage  


No Selling our Marketing - We do it all for you


NO Monthly Cost, Fees or additional Overhead


Easy ON BOARDING process & Step By Step Training 

Every Home Deserves a Makeover
Offer More to Your Realtor Referral Partners

When you work with Makeover you will have the ability to offer MORE SOLUTIONS and MORE OPTIONS to your Realtor Referral Partners


Renovation Loans

When an inspection comes back with issues and the buyer or seller doesn't have the money to fix them, you can refer them to Makeover Mortgage. 


 Our renovation loans allow clients to ROLL RENOVATION costs into the mortgage


Makeover Mortgage Video

Offer Renovation Solutions
Earn More Per Inspection + Get Paid Mileage

You can do a home inspection & renovation consult on the same property and charge for both services


Get paid for the initial site visit plus up to 5 additional draw inspections


Get paid mileage for each trip to the site, if more than 30 mile round trip


NO overhead or costs or monthly fees, We send you consult clients in your designated territory

We invoice clients and pay you.  No  collections or chasing contracts

You had me at Earn More Money
Training, Coaching, & Mentoring

Free Online Training is done at your own pace.  


Plus cutting-edge technology developed in-house to make your job fast, easy, and best in class


We will match you up with an experienced Consultant for both field training & live online training


You will have access to coaching & mentoring


 You always have a team by your side every step of the way

Im' Interested
Industry Leading Technology

We have developed our own proprietary app that ties together all parties involved in the renovation loan process to seamlessly create the fastest and best experience for all parties involved by providing exactly what they need when they need it


Plus our systems have built-in automated notifications, follow-up, detailed instructions, and education to keep everything on track and on schedule 


We use the industries leading software for the most professional and detailed reports 

Tell me More about the App
Show Realtors How to Earn Commissions on Mortgages

When you work with Makeover you will have the ability to introduce your Realtor Referral Partners to the LO+ Program


LO+ Program

Because we are also Lenders, we have a unique program you can tell Realtors about.  This program allows us the ability to PAY Realtors Commissions on mortgages*


This way they can earn MORE per transaction and will thank you for the introduction to the program


*See link for more details 

We provide you with FREE marketing materials that you can send to Realtors

Offer Commission Options
Less Physical Work & Faster Inspections

The average consult site inspection takes less than 1 hour


The average draw inspection takes less than 15 minutes


We create all of your reports, documents, and fees and require signatures from clients & contractors




Use your knowledge & experience vs. testing all components of the property


We create your reports and handle almost all of your administrative duties

You Have My Attention
Who Are We Looking For


You must be a licensed home inspector in good standing


You must have a minimum of 3 years full-time inspection experience 



InterNACHI Contractor Experience

Insurance / Restoration Experience

Xactimate / Estimating Experience

Can cover a large geographic area

Understand FHA minimum property standards 

Draw Inspection Experience for Renovations or New Construction

I Think I'm A Good Fit
Hear what others say!

Nothing tells a story like asking another inspector why they enjoy working with Makeover


We would be happy to send you the contact info of a few of our Makeover Certified Consultants  


This way you can ask them yourself about the opportunity to see if it may be a good fit for you


Don't go it alone, when you can work with a team

Join the Team
We Can Surround You With Realtors that Need You

When you work with Makeover we will be able to promote your services to our LO+ Realtors.  These Realtors already belong to our network and will be encouraged to use our Makeover Certified Inspectors 


We train the Realtors that using our Inspectors is best, because if a renovation consult is needed our Certified Inspectors can handle it all.  


Having access to trained inspectors that also can wear a Consultant hat if needed makes for a faster and smoother closing process


Let us refer you for home inspections 

Get More Inspection Business
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Step by Step How To Become A Makeover Certified Specialist

We Service The Renovation Loan Industry

Lenders Need Renovations Consultants in Every Market

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