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Return To Castle Wolfenstein G Save Game Cannot Open File For Saving

In the first mission as well as in all missions there are the same annoying errors with saving and loading the game. Once I'm in the mission, I press F5 quick save. Then I press F9 fast load, and at this point it throws me to the desktop with an error.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein G Save Game Cannot Open File For Saving


3) Enter: "/developer 1" and "/logfile 2" commandsGame should now open in developer mode with logging to file enabled. This should print some more messages which could help identify the issue + saves them to file.

*Note that you can save your game anytime during this game. However, if youfollow my walkthrough from one end to the other, you will find that I do pointout in certain places as to when to save. But if you think you cannot getthrough a certain place without saving, go ahead and save your progress there.

Another remedy is to open the game you are playing directly from its installation folder. We can try bypassing the Steam client. All the games that you install are independent applications present with their executable present in the local files. We can try running them from there. If there is still an error, you can proceed with the other solutions listed below.

While Wolfenstein 3D does have plenty of cheat-codes, it also detects externally-modified savegames. When you try and load a save, the game takes a checksum of the file and compares it to a checksum stored in the save's last four bytes. If they don't match, a message will pop up telling you the jig is up, and the game makes some modifications to your game state upon loading as punishment.

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