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[Korean Movie] Fabricated City (BLURAY) [UPD]

However the scenes that draw most on this new take on the idea are the high tech crime lab and the bustling internet cafe. Here Im actually more than willing to give this film the benefit of the doubt as the production company is clearly trying to give a whole new perspective of the world of online games for Koreans. If you try to figure out the plot of Fabricated City, it takes on a feeling of Invader Zim in terms of plotting. Its too convoluted and illogical for it to work, yet that doesnt stop it from being very watchable. This is its only real strength, and the rather slight originality on the whole makes it a slightly serviceable commercial film.

[Korean Movie] Fabricated City (BLURAY)

On the whole the cinematography holds up very well. It is a film that focuses on action rather than pure spectacle, and so it only makes sense that the action sequences in Fabricated City have been shot in such a way to not rely on a number of visual tricks like the fluorescent beads. The camera work itself is quite simple, with many sequences being shot at a comparatively close range, allowing for the use of the actors face for identification. The one exception to this is a group of prison guards who are facing away from the camera in their own separate conversation, and the second they put their hands up they suddenly become completely invisible. It is both amusing and effective.

Although the movie doesnt really stand out with its soundtrack, the songs are probably the best part of the entire movie. The problem is that they come across as generic, with repetitive lyrics and a general lack of any distinct style. The musical arrangements here could even be described as boring and simplistic, leaving a statement with no resonance.

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