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Clayton Miller





Why work with me?

Have you ever walked through a home and thought to yourself...."I wonder how much it will cost to add a backsplash?" or "Can that wall come out? I would love this home if it was gone!"  When shopping with me we can answer those questions on the fly and get them done before you even move in.  

I'm a contractor, investor, and homeowner.  I know what to look for when touring a home.  What are the big ticket items?  What modifications can be made that will fit the house?  Most to make a good buy!

The Makeover Mortgage

It's All About the renovation

At Makeover Homes you are the boss. We are here to help you turn that almost right house into the house of your dreams.  Why would you settle for less when you can have exactly what you want!

makeover Mortgage




Don't shop the old fashioned way. With Makeover Mortgage you can buy a home that is ready to move into or one that needs some renovation...You Make The Call!

Realtor Looking for




Have an ugly listing that needs some help?  Let Makeover Mortage host an open house to sell your listing with a Makeover Mortgage.


Clayton was born and raised in Southern Indiana in Bartholomew County.  He along with his wife and daughter live in Columbus, Indiana and have been in the real estate market as Contractors and Investors since 2015.  Clayton is a licensed General Contractor and Realtor and has been part of buying, selling, and renovating over 25 units. In his free time Clayton enjoys wood working, fishing, hunting, or spending time with his new baby girl and wife.  You can check out his Instagram feed below to learn more about his whereabouts.  Clayton can help you find a home and plan the renovation all at once.  Why would you shop any other way?
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