Makeover Consulting and Inspections- FHA 203k Reno - New Kitchen and other odds and ends


These clients were so excited to purchase their brand new home in a great neighborhood and only had one issue with the whole home. The kitchen was very outdated and a few other odds and ends needed to be updated along with it. Using the Makeover Mortgage Process these new homeowners were able to buy the home they wanted AND get the kitchen and other upgrades needed. Roll your renovation costs right into the mortgage and keep that cash in your pocket.

Total Renovation Cost - $62,000

Repair rotted fascia - $500

Paint Kitchen and Dining Rooms - $1.5k

Replace 3 Doors - $4k

Drywall work - $3k

Trim - $1.5k

New Flooring - $5.5k

Plumbing - $4k

Electric - $2k

Cabinets and Countertops - $15k

Appliances - $9k

Demo - $2k

Remove Wall - $4k

New Water Heater $2k

New Fireplace - $2k

Change Orders - $6k

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